Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Ron Paul Revolution Continues: “We are the Future !”

Tampa, 26 August 2012 – Last Sunday, a day ahead of the now postponed Republican National Convention (RNC), Ron Paul hosted his sensational “We are the Future” rally. Amassing a crowd of 8000, the retiring congressman delivered an electrifying speech at the USF Sun Dome.

Normally political rallies are all about repeating the same old party line, recitation of cliché terms and the making of false promises like Obama’s “Hope and Change”. There is little substance but loads of rhetoric foisted upon a gullible audience. Pitch phrases arouse the crowd and deafening cheers are heard. Talking points are made, invectives are levied upon the opposition; the crowd yells even louder and before you know it everyone is drowning in a pool of ignorance.

However, Ron Paul’s “We are the Future” rally was everything but conventional. Instead of the usual stuff, he engaged the audience with intellect and promoted his ideas of individual liberty and freedom on the basis of logic and argument. 

For anyone who is looking for sound policies and an effective plan to restore America’s “Peace, Prosperity and Liberty”, his speech is a must watch.

Ron Paul’s Full Speech: “We are the Future !”

The 8 minute introductory speech was given by Kentucky senator  Rand Paul. After a solemn expression of gratitude towards his father “for supporting the cause of liberty and not letting our founding principles die” the senator got the whole crowd fired up by asking:

Is there anybody here who wants to abolish the TSA ?

The question was immediately responded with a zealous uproar, the auditorium was obviously teeming with young and energetic individuals.

Once the congressman took center stage, it didn’t take long for the crowd to start chanting buzz words like “President Paul...President Paul...President Paul”.

For many decades Ron Paul has been America’s leading voice for liberty, for ending America’s military adventures abroad, for free markets and free trade, auditing and ending the Federal Reserve, a return to the gold standard and sound money, repealing Roe vs Wade and above all for defending the constitution and the golden principles of the founding fathers. 

Instead of libeling against Mitt Romney & current president Barrack Obama, Mr. Paul firmly focused on the war of ideas. Throughout his address he quoted the founding fathers, free market economists and key libertarian philosophers building his case for small constitutionally limited government. Immediately diving into key issues of individual liberty and personal freedoms, his stance on a peaceful foreign policy and ending the Fed drew the most applause.

In a brisk walkthrough of 20th century history he outlined the emergence of Keynesianism, the Federal Reserve System, Communism, Fascism and a number of BIG government ideologies. He categorized these philosophies as “bad ideas” which have lead to so much death and destruction while making references to all the wars and the loss of millions of lives. The congressman not only exclaimed the inefficacy of these theories  but also recognized the necessity of trying something novel.

During the speech, the retiring congressman re-iterated:

My personal goal with politics and my personal life is that a free society provides me an opportunity to seek virtue and excellence. And that should be a personal goal. If the government takes over the rule of trying to make you a better person, an excellent person and make you virtuous, it’s all over. That is the seeds of authoritarianism.

Since this event marks the official end of the Ron Paul campaign many people have construed it as the end of the libertarian revolution. He scoffed at this thought by saying:

Don’t they just wish ?

Optimistic that libertarianism has a prosperous future, Ron Paul told assured his supporters that liberty is an idea whose time has come and in time it will be a force to be reckoned with.

So instead of seeing this as a continuation of the era of the 20th century that gave us so much death and destruction and undermining our liberties, and conditions today that are so dangerous, let us think that we are now moving into a new era. A new era where we’re going to concentrate on liberty and freedom and property and peace. I believe that is the cause that we should lead and I thank you very much for being a part of it.