Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Motivation For American Hatred and 9/11 Attacks

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This is just Outrageous !!!

US politicians have been consistently lying to us that Bin Laden attacked the United States because he hated American freedom and democracy, their right to vote, or their freedom of religion, and in general, the whole catalogue of nonsensical reasons that go along these lines. 

As a response to these claims Bin Laden actually published an open letter to the American People, dated 24th of November 2002. Oddly enough, only the guardian UK had published an online English translation of the Letter, while the American Public was kept in the dark.

His explicitly stated reasons for the September 11 attacks:
  • Unconditional U.S support for the State of Israel
  • Support for the Saudi Police State
  • Extortion of Middle-Eastern Oil and Resources
  • U.S military activities within Muslim countries e.g Iraq, Somalia, Yemen 
The American people need to wake up; otherwise our lying politicians might very well lie us into another war with Iran !

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