Friday, 9 March 2012

U.S Marines Urinate on Afghan Corpses

The moral depravity of America's war in Afghanistan has yet again furnished another perverse and repugnant incident.  An anonymous individual has posted a video of what appears to show U.S marines urinating on the corpses of Afghan bodies. The video was first uploaded onto YouTube with a caption indicating that the marines belonged to a Scout Sniper Team.

In this case, the legitimizing claim happens to be that the dead men were Taliban insurgents and not Afghan civilians. In the video it's very hard to tell whether there are any guns lying beside the corpses, however a rolled over construction cart is clearly visible, so it's anyone's guess whether these individuals were simply construction workers caught in the cross-fire or actual Taliban members. 

Midway through the video, one of the marines, contrary to every sense of human dignity, and much to his joy and amusement can be heard saying: "Have a great day buddy" while his other colleagues laugh and joke: "Yeah !.....Golden like a shower."

Department of Defence spokesman Captain John Kirby remarked, "Regardless of the circumstances or who is in the video, this is egregious, disgusting behaviour." 

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta condemned these acts saying, " This conduct is entirely inappropriate for members of the United States military " and vowed that a full investigation would be carried out.

Then Lady Clinton followed suite and went on to repeat the same old exhausted cliché, " This is absolutely inconsistent with American values. " 

Now, unlike George Galloway I don't even want to get in the whole history of the never ending list of U.S wars, human rights abuses and the ridiculous notion of "American Values". Even casting aside all wrongs of this despicable act and giving admittance to the fact that in war bad things do happen, I think all of these public statements and the entire incident itself is kind of a distraction from the main issue.

Here U.S politicians are going around offering condolences and apologies for an incident which, although deplorable, is more or less a trifle, yet no apology is offered for the millions dead in Iraq and absolutely nothing is learned from one's policy and failures. I mean what good is a statement of "sorry" for something of so small and little a value compared to the huge pile of problems that the United States has created in the Middle-East.

Ron Paul is absolutely right when asking the question, " What about the whole idea of invading a country, occupying a country, disturbing a country and creating hundreds of thousands of refugees and suffering. Does it ever get to a point where apologizing about these things [this incident and others] is minor compared to the other problems we have created in these countries ? " 

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